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Here’s a controversial argument; pay as you go phone is a better system than contract.

Before you rush to criticize, please keep in mind that this firmly held conviction is more than mere sales patter. The guy whose article you’re reading hasn’t had a phone contract for over two years and is still loving every minute of it.

In my teens, I was allowed onto the ‘family’ contract on the proviso that I did not exceed the allotted talk-time and paid the bill myself. Without using a pay as you go phone, I constantly worried about running over time (which I frequently did).

Taking a contract with a MAJOR phone company (who I can’t legally name here), I found that they were literally helping themselves to any amount of money they felt like from my bank account every month. I longed for a pay as you go phone, but couldn’t afford to buy out the contract.

The company kept stealing and refusing to refund my money in anything other than ‘phone minutes’ (which never materialized) and I was forced to wait it out. To me, a pay as you go phone represents freedom. A pay as you go phone never exceeds your finances and it’s much harder to hoodwink a pay as you go phone customer than someone contractually obliged to give you money. Basically, returning to a pay as you go phone has been the best thing I ever did, phone wise. I recommend you try it.




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